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– for employees and others affected

At BRS Sweden AB we must follow our Code of Conduct and practice what we preach. If you notice that this is not being upheld, we hope you will say so. As an employee of BRS Sweden AB, we hope you will address any issues with your manager or your manager’s manager.

If for any reason you feel you cannot, or if you are not employed by BRS Sweden, and feel that we do not follow our values you can report this using this form.

Whistleblowing is used to report serious suspicions of unauthorised behaviour. This may involve sexual harassment, fraud and corruption, discrimination or environmental and human rights violations. Reporting must be done with honest intent.

Here you can report behaviour or other information that violates our Code of Conduct and our values or invoke other circumstances that you consider should be investigated. When reporting using this form, you will be guaranteed full anonymity if you require it.

The information sent via the form goes to our external Whistleblower team and can only be read by them. If you choose not to state who you are, you will be completely anonymous, even to the recipient. However, note that in order for you to be contacted, you must leave some kind of contact information.