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Our policy

Our policy


At BRS, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment is key issues when we go about our daily work as well as draw future plans. We follow closely our clients regulations and always strive to ensure that we take good care of our staff as well as our client’s properties. Working in the wind industry comes with a big responsibility to show that we act as we talk, putting QHSE issues first. We work according to a set of guidelines, besides the high levels of regulations our clients set up for us:


At BRS we have a strict set of policies and working methods to mark sure that we meet and exceed our clients demands. The company structure is set up so that we uphold a high quality of the work we do. BRS only use highly trained experts for the job. We have industry leading composite experts for supervising the quality of work and the back office organization is set up to be a effective, approachable and supportive function for the technicians in the field.


All our staff are trained in first aid. We always plan and execute the work with both short term and long term health issues in mind. Our risk assessments for the job at hand makes sure that we avoid harmful substances, dangerous work positions and other hazardous situations.


Safety comes first at BRS. Apart from using safety equipment of highest quality our technicians receive regular safety training and we also have a decentralized ”Own risk judgement system”, where the individual technicians on site is fully commissioned to abort the work if if does not feel safe. This without getting any reprimands from supervisors or management. We want all our staff to come home safe every night.


Working in a sustainable business means that we need to show extra care in this during the working day. At BRS we have a systematic way of dealing with environmental issues. We follow the existing regulations of the country we are active in as well as the regulations our client set up for us. We always strive to use materials and chemicals that is biodegradable, locally or regionally produced. Waste management is dealt with according to the existing laws and rules of the workplace and country we operate in. Tranportation is a key issue for us. Our work requires a lot of transprotation of technicians and gear. We use as eco-friendly vehicles, fuel and driving mode as possible. Our staff has been trained in keeping the vehicle impact on the environment as low as possible.